About Blender.Today

Blender.Today is the source for community-driven news, following the open content philosophy established by Blender and its open projects.

The idea is simple: Got something to share? Submit it and let the community vote it up or down. The result is a very dynamic listing of the greatest news.

The closest to this concept is /r/blender on reddit. It's a great community, but reddit is quite big and can be overwhelming for our (compared to it) small community and simple concept such as posting/voting submissions. Some Facebook groups achieve something similar, but they're tied to that platform. The need for a site like Blender.Today has been around for a while, and it's finally a reality.

Ah, by the way, Blender.Today is open source. A public repository will be available soon.


The nice mug logo was made by Manu Jarvinen, and the 404 page by Andy. We also use sorting code from reddit and adaptive-backgrounds.js.