Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blender.Today?

Blender is an open source 3D software, and Blender.Today is a source for what's new in the community around Blender.

The difference with other news sites is that submissions are made and ranked by the community. So if specific content is appreciated it will go up and be prominent, in the same way entries with a high amount of downvotes will not be so visible.

This is nothing new, the popular site 'reddit' uses the same approach. In fact, Blender.Today uses the exact same algorithm to find out the 'hotness' of a submission. A different (yet similar, based on up/down votes) approach is taken for comments.

Can anyone submit a link?

Yes! Just login using Blender ID (recommended), Google, Facebook, or create an account from scratch.

What is the Blender ID?

The Blender ID is a unified login system that gives you access to Blender Institute and Blender Foundation web platforms, as well as providing authentication to third parties via OAuth.

How does voting work?

Voting is an anonymous way to show appreciation (or not) for a submission. The most upvoted entries will remain on top (depending on their submission time), while less voted content will go down accordingly.

Is it OK to post personal information?

NO. We take privacy very seriously, we won't allow any kind of personal information shared. But since we can't read every single submission, users are encouraged to let us know or flag submissions and comments that violate this.

Where are the ads?

Nowhere. You will never find such thing in Bender.Today. The only exception is to promote official Blender Foundation/Blender Institute products, where we know 100% of the revenue goes to maintain and improve Blender. If Blender.Today outgrows our current resources, we will consider allowing donations that will be directly devoted at running the platform infrastructure. This will happen in the most transparent way possible.


It's crazy how hard it is to try and cover every topic in a FAQ. Some of the ideas were taken from reddit's FAQ and covers the basics. Still, if we missed something you want to know, just get in touch and we'll come fill this right up. Thanks!