Blender 2.8 Design Document - Blender Developers Blog
Blender 2.8 Design Document - Blender Developers Blog
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peter_boos_ · 1 week ago
I was under the impression with all the effort that went into Eeve, that 2.8 would be a game version, ea an optimal way to make game assets, and maybe some new animation options as a result of depsgraph and games. Though here i read that Game logic is a undefined target. Makes me wonder what the general goal of 2.8 would be; if it is all about 101 then do they require Eeve ? (if 101 = 3d printing, architectural, and movie previews). Maybe redefine the goal.
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venomgfx · 1 week ago
Eevee is more than just pretty visuals. It's an upgrade for the extremely old viewport and OpenGL we use. This will bring benefits all over the board. From previewing shaders (of any engine) to doing movie layouts, texture painting, sculpting, pretty much every aspect of CG. Including the Blender Game Engine, for when developers pick it up. > “Blender 2.8 will enable artists to work faster and more efficient. Emphasis is on helping specialists or to enable specialist tasks better.” The goal is right there in the 2nd paragraph. 2.8 was always referred to as the 'workflow project'. This is what the workspaces among other features will bring.
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